Our Approach

At Interra Copper we understand corporate governance is a critical factor to achieve sustainability with the important role to plan, implement and achieve our business objectives, aligning management actions with stakeholders’ interests. We also recognize the significance of a well-integrated environment, social and governance (ESG) strategy guided by the highest business procedures and ethics standards. Our Board and our Team are inclusive, efficient, accountable, and equipped with diverse competences to nurture a long-term, proactive and safe approach with integrity, transparency and care for our environment, our people and our communities.

Our Sustainability Strategy rests on three pillars:

Our People

Interra Copper is cognizant of its role as an Employer and its responsibility to shape an inclusive and diverse workforce, and as a Neighbor, to maximize the opportunities and mitigate the risks of our presence, respecting the culture and rights of our communities. For both, our workforce and our communities, Interra Copper pledges to contribute to the enhancement of their capacities, providing a safe working environment where they can participate and be engaged, fostered by health and safety and human rights guidelines free from harassment and discrimination.

Our Environment

Our environmental stewardship is guided by continuous improvement towards minimizing adverse impacts and ensuring Our People cultivate the necessary awareness to follow or surpass environmental safety and regulatory guidelines set forth by governments and the industry to protect our ecosystems. We believe we can insulate our reputation and ensure the long-term sustainability of our business, with the support of our host communities, by protecting the environment and tending with responsible management our use of water, and our approaches to tailings, biodiversity, mine closure and reclamation, waste management and how our operations are affected and can affect climate.

Governance Integrity

Interra Copper believes that Corporate governance takes more than just complying with laws and regulations as a pathway to fulfilling the objectives of our operations. It takes Good Governance, which implies the highest level of ethics and compliance, and more importantly, the comprehension that our decisions have consequences. We aim to earn the trust, respect and support of our stakeholders by making decisions more inclusive and transparent.


Interra Copper Corp.

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